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Leading Solar microgrids EPC

developing reliable and cost saving energy solutions.

going green with solar panel can help you optimize your energy costs, and be more in control of your energy system, including making the system more energy efficient. 

How You Can Reduce
Daily Energy Use?

Solar Plants

Our Efficient Energy Solutions

There are many typical power system can be inefficient for many loads in commercial and industrial sectors. that’s why we offer tailor-made solar microgrid for optimized operation. 


Meet Consultant

Our consultant will help you to assess your current load and energy efficiency. to recommend optimal PV system size, and any energy efficiency improvements needed.


Generate Power

Installing solar energy coupled with battery energy storage system by our trusted technicians under the supervision of our engineers to ensure compliance with codes, and installed according to our recommended design by our consultant.


Store the Energy

Storing excess energy generated from solar energy during day to use it after the sunset. and can also charge from utility during night.


Use the Power

Solar system will help you to generate power at day without the need of utility or neighbor-hood generator.

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