Specializing in Green Technology

Renewable Source

during our energy mix design we work to maximize the penetration of renewables in the system in optimal manner.


Safe Installation

construction and installation are per international standards and codes to ensure safety during harshest weather condtions.


Low Maintenance

our equipments are procured from a world leading brands that have the lowest failure rate in market to ensure minimum need for maintenance.

Ecological Way

Reshaping Energy for the Future

TES (Tanweer Energy Solutions) is a company that is focused on vertically integrated scope including green electrical systems, energy  its solutions with engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning (EPCC) Moreover, TES conducts comprehensive economic studies and evaluations

Reduce Your Daily Energy Use

Our energy efficiency  assessment and building automation help you reducing your energy consumption.   

The Most Used Energy Systems

Solar energy coupled with battery energy storage system


Solar Panels Installed

more than 400KWp were installed using cutting edge technology at its time of installation.


Technical Support

inclusive operation and maintenance services to our clients assets that includes preventative, and corrective maintenance based on performance data acquired through remote monitoring.


Years Experience

more than three years experience in different aspects of green energy that’s suitable for Iraq needs. including solar energy, energy storage systems, microgrids, building automation.

How Our Solar Team Works


Meet Consultant

Our consultant will help you to assess your current load and energy efficiency. to recommend optimal PV system size, and any energy efficiency improvements needed.


Generate Power

Installing solar energy coupled with battery energy storage system by our trusted technicians under the supervision of our engineers to ensure compliance with codes, and installed according to our recommended design by our consultant.


Save the Engery

Storing excess energy generated from solar energy during day to use it after the sunset. and can also charge from utility during night.


Use the Power

Solar system will help you to generate power at day without the need of utility or neighbor-hood generator.


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